New to the ELCA

We are Christian, Catholic, Apostolic, Sacramental, Historic, Confessional, and Liturgical


We are Christians

We believe in Jesus Christ, which is why we are a Christian church. His Spirit is with the Church through the gospel.

“Jesus Christ is the son of God, he was sent to save the world” (1 John 4:14).


We are Catholics

We are part of the Universal Church, we belong to a Church that is global, that has existed from the beginning of time. There are Roman Catholics, Lutheran Catholics, Orthodox Catholics, Presbyterian Catholics, etc.


We are an Apostolic Church

Our church is based on Jesus Christ and the Apostles. 

We take into consideration the traditions of the apostles, their customs and their testimonies of faith. The apostles were with Jesus Christ and their testimonies are very important to us.

“Baptize them, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19)

Our Church is sacramental. There are three requisites to consider, what a sacrament is on the Lutheran Church.

-It must be ordained by the Bible.

-It is necessary to have a commitment to follow through with the sacraments.

-The sacraments should include visible material elements (water, bread, and wine). 

-We have two Sacraments: Baptism and Holy Communion.

-We also have special traditional rituals: confirmation, reconciliation, matrimony, the ordination of Presbyterians, and unction for the sick.


We are a Historical Church

Our roots are in Jesus Christ, who came to this world at a designated time and place.

We live in the faith since the Reformation of the XVI Century inspired by the teachings of the religious Monk Martin Luther. One of our principles is:

“A reformed church always reforming  to the need of the people”


We are a Confessional Church

All that we believe and confess is based on the Bible. We also have three creeds: (Apostolic, Nicene, Athanasian) and two catechisms (small and large) and the confession at Augsburg.


Our Church is Liturgical

Which signifies that we worship and celebrate the presences of God in Community (as Congregation). Our worship services are structured Liturgically.

During the entire year, we utilize the Liturgical Calendar which organizes the Biblical lectures so we can learn about the life of Jesus Christ and God’s plan for humanity.